[Samba] Urgent Help on SAMBA

ww m-pubsyssamba pubsyssamba at bbc.co.uk
Wed Mar 3 14:38:15 GMT 2004

Dear All, 

  This is Parag here. I have configured SAMBA on Solaros 8/9. After creating proper sharer on smb.conf file , my windows client [ Win2k ] are in a position to use the sharer/shared folder lying on solaris. SAMBA is working fine. We would like to achive ACL [ Access Control List ] on same. Basically we have different windows users who are the part of various domain. Now we wanted the specific set of users only to aceess the shared solaris partition. Is it possible to achive same with SAMBA ? If ans is yes , then sombody can please guide me with small set of examples. & If it is not possible then what's a workaround for same. 

## Yes this is achieved in the same way as with a native windows share. You can either set UFS
## permissions to allow access to a group and disallow access by other. Or you can set permissions
## on the share itself, you'll either need to setup a group map between a UNIX group and Windows
## goup or use a group from winbind. Set the permissions by connected to your samba server using
## a native windows tool (for NT 4 server manager, for Win2000 computer management) and then set
## permissions as required. Samba-how-to guide should explain all this in detail,
## thanks Andy.

Basically i am new with SAMBA technology , so i am not aware abt the same. Urgent help is required. Regards Perry 

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