[Samba] can silva from DOMAIN-A logon to a DOMAIN-B?

Andreas andreas at conectiva.com.br
Wed Mar 3 13:19:32 GMT 2004

Two sites, two different domains, two PDCs running samba-3.0.2a. They have a
two-way trust relationship.

Can "silva" from DOMAIN-A go to a windows desktop in DOMAIN-B (say, XP pro or
2k professional or some other capable of joining a domain) and logon?

Assuming the following at least, I think:
- DOMAIN-B's PDC has to be able to "see" silva (or DOMAIN-A\silva) as a regular 
  linux user (for which I could use ldap or winbind)
- "silva" has to type "DOMAIN-A" in his logon screen at the DOMAIN-B machine (does
  this work automagically?)

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