[Samba] Can't login to Samba PDC

Beast indorama at rad.net.id
Wed Mar 3 13:25:55 GMT 2004

* Scott Gross <SGross at newsgroupwest.com> nulis:
> button (from Win2K network identification screen).  The computer is being
> added to the _COMPUTERS_ container in my LDAP with the appropriate trailing
> $ (uid=fife3400sales02$,ou=_COMPUTERS_).  The domain portion of all SID's is
> the same (User-Group-Computer-sambaDomainName).  When the workstation tries
> to authenticate the user I can see the connection to IPC$ on the samba
> server.  'uid=root,ou=_USERS_' is a sambaSamAccount and is a member of
> 'cn=Domain Users,ou=_GROUPS_'.   

You put computer account under ou=_COMPUTER_ and users under ou=_USERS_ etc, any reason putting on funky ou name or is this just because of default value in smbldaptools?

Have you set pam/nss ldap correctly (/etc/ldap.conf), whats getent passwd /group tell? 


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