[Samba] session user name

Pieter Vanmeerbeek pv at able.be
Wed Mar 3 12:55:21 GMT 2004

I tried the script, but didn't get my session username with it ( suppose 
to be pv). Does anyone know another parameter that can be checked? Or 
does anybody know what could be wrong?  Both %U and %u give me the guest 
account name and I'm sure that the 'pv' session name is send by the WIN 
XP client as I can see it in a tcpdump of the connection.

This is the output of the script :

Client variables...
%m = = Client's NetBIOS name
%M = = Client's DNS name
%I = = Client's IP address
%a = WinXP = Client's architecture

User variables...
%D =  = User's Windows NT Domain
%u = nobody = User's Unix username
%H = / = Home directory of %u
%g = nobody = Primary group of %u
%U =  = Requested username
%G = users = Primary group of %U

Share variables...
%S = IPC_ = Current share's name
%P = /tmp = Current share's root directory
%p =  = Current share's root directory (in an NIS
homedir map)

Server variables...
%h = axsguard = Samba server's DNS name
%L = axsguard = Samba server's NetBIOS name
%N = axsguard = NIS home directory server (without NIS, same as
%v = 3.0.0 = Samba version
%d = 358 = Current server's process ID

Miscellaneous variables...
%R = NT1 = SMB protocol level in use
%T = 2004/03/03 13:52:03 = Current date and time

flinchlock wrote:

>Quoting "Pieter Vanmeerbeek"
>>Can anyone tell me how to fetch the session username of a request
>>in the smb.conf file?
>Since I'm a newbie to Samba and I'm using Samba 2.2.8a, the
>following information will probably not be of any help to you.
>I put this in the Global section of my smb.conf:
>exec = /home/samba/netlogon/smbvars "%m" "%M" "%I" "%a" "%D" "%u"
>"%H" "%g" "%U" "%G" "%S" "%P" "%p" "%h" "%L" "%N" "%v" "%d" "%R"
>"%T" > %H/%S.vars

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