[Samba] getent does not get remote users

Arno Hahma arno at jyu.fi
Wed Mar 3 10:42:57 GMT 2004

On 3. Mar, 2004, at 11:52, Stefan Günther wrote:

>> Also, home directories for the NT4 -users are not created and no logs
>> whatsoever are left behind by the

> As far as I know, the home directories for NT-Users aren't created 
> automatically.

But they should - perhaps winbind isn't  working for you either. I 
could also live without
this property, but it _would_ be nice to have them owned by someone 
instead of just
seeing numeric UIDs and GIDs on the unix box.

> I have written a small perl script which gets the NT -users vi wbinfo 
> -u and creates the home directories.
> IIf you are interested in it I could post it or send it.

At least you can send it and if people on the list don't object, please 
post it as well.

> Bye,
> Stefan

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