[Samba] Help?

Hans Wilmer hwilmer at condor-werke.com
Wed Mar 3 10:25:14 GMT 2004

Healy, James F wrote:

> The scenario is this a single folder houses several files that are a common requirement of our development, when more than one developer (or one developer on multiple machines) launches a process that accesses this file tree sometimes (but not always) both instances of the process attempt to read the same file (any given file) at about the same instant. When this happens both clients hang, the server appears to still be able to read the file but the clients that attempt simultaneous access hang up.
> Can any of you point me in a direction to further flush out a possible cause and solution? 
> Any insight you can provide would be very much appreciated.

Maybe it helps to disable oplocks.

Fallende Schatten bedeuten nichts Gutes.

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