[Samba] xp pro & debian

steve downes steve at kingswayelec.co.uk
Tue Mar 2 22:26:37 GMT 2004

I've got a working samba setup on a debian linux server. Existing
windows boxes are win98 with unencripted passwords. They only need to
see the exported directories on the samba server. All the networking
is working. (dns, dhcp, ping, internet access, etc )

Anything I do on my new XP Pro box or in samba.conf gives the error

The folder you entered does not appear to be valid.please choose

When I try to set up a "network place" \\server\home\steve

The win98 & XP boxes are sharing & the win98 boxes are picking up the
samba shares.

The XP installation is pretty much default & nothing clever done with
it except running the win98_plainpassword.reg which seems OK as this
is what opened the win 98 shares.

Any gotchas I am missing?


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