Réf. : Re: Réf. : Re: Réf. : Re: [Samba] using a master ldap server and a slave ldap server

Beast indorama at rad.net.id
Tue Mar 2 11:52:08 GMT 2004

* stephane.purnelle at corman.be nulis:

> The origine of my message is a problem with my local LDAP server.
> last thursday I upgraded my RH 8 with the glibc update from RedHAt, after
> sometimes the LDAP server is unreachable.
> In log :
> Mar  2 11:40:02 coradm01 slapd[5342]: warning: cannot open
> /etc/hosts.allow: Too many open files

This is (open)ldap problem not samba, so better fix this problem first before trying to configure samba. I also fighting with these problem after implementing ldap for mailserver, many peoples has similar problem, see openldap list archive.

You can compile ol without libwrap and use acl to restrict access, if your ldapserver is busy enough, use RH7.3 or 8 but never upgrade the glibc. i also has bad experience with unix domain socket too, so stick with tcp.


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