[Samba] Changing 644 back to 600 on smbpasswd automatically?

TeeCee teecee at teecee.hu
Tue Mar 2 08:28:27 GMT 2004


  I want to list users from smbpasswd (stored in /etc/samba). I chmoded the 
file from 600 to 644, to ba able to read it with PHP. After a while somehow 
it changed back to 600, so it was fully unreadable again :(
  How can I set that the samba don't need to change it back OR change it 
deafaultly to 644?
  (someone told me to make a hardlink to the file when it is 644 but that did 
not help)

Awaiting Your Answers, Thank You:
    TeeCee :o)

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