[Samba] Changing AD pasword

Larry Ash lar at ashfamily.org
Tue Mar 2 08:28:13 GMT 2004

> You have failed to state what your problem is!

Sorry, I guess I did.
The user logs in on the Windows machine and is prompted to change
his/her password. The user selects a new password and everything
seems ok except the new password is never stored on the
Active Directory machine. No errors, they just have to use the
old password to log in the next time.

One other thing that I should have mentioned is that the
Active Directory server is on a different subnet than the
Windows machines or samba server, which are both on the same subnet.

Larry Ash

> On Tue, 2004-03-02 at 16:32, Larry Ash wrote:
>> Running Samba3.0.2a in linux (Gentoo)
>> security = ads
>> Users are logging in fine (XP and W2K), using samba for file sharing and
>> printing.
>> We have (by corporate decree) a fairly short password life. When the
>> password is about to expire the user is prompted to change it during
>> their
>> windows logon. I have seen mention of synchronizing the password with
>> unix
>> but no mention of pushing it back to the AD server.
>> If it's mentioned in the combined howto and I've missed it sorry; how
>> about a reference to the page / section. Otherwise has anyone figured
>> this
>> out?
> You have failed to state what your problem is!
> In what way does this fail to function - domain users are forced to
> change their password by the PDC and their workstation.  Samba will
> correctly pass on error codes to clients if they fail to, but has no
> role in this situation.
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