[Samba] samba transfer speed on shares

deflin39 at deflin.net deflin39 at deflin.net
Mon Mar 1 23:17:06 GMT 2004

I posted this a few days ago and haven't seen any response at all.  I'm
just wondering if anyone has heard or seen of this issue before.  If not,
I'll will try to take my problem elsewhere...


> Hi all!
> I have searched through the archives and have not found an answer to this,
> but it is also possible I wasn't searching for the right thing, so here
> goes.
> I am running samba 2.2.7a on a RH 9 box.  I am having issues with transfer
> speeds on my shares.  I have the shares mapped to drives on my XP box.
> When coping files from the XP -> linux, The speed is great.  But from
> linux->XP my speed drops off drastically.
> Now, if I mount my D: drive onto my linux file system, I get good speeds
> both ways when using the command line to do the copying.
> Also, ftp speeds are fast and consistent both ways.
> Map drive
> xp->linux: 100megs/18secs
> linux->xp: 100megs/30 minutes
> Drive mounted on linux fs
> xp->linux: 100megs/12secs
> linux->xp: 100megs/12secs
> similar speed for FTP
> Has anyone seen something similar to this situation?  Please let me know
> if I can clear any of this information up or provide detailed
> settings/configurations...
> deflin39
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