[Samba] Will this work?

Kenneth Savoy kensavoy at nbnet.nb.ca
Mon Mar 1 22:17:12 GMT 2004

Hopefully this won't appear twice. The first time it didn't seem to send.


I have 1 Linux server, 40 Linux workstations. This is a small part of a
Larger network that has two windows server 2003 active directory servers,
Two domains. I have a few questions about winbind and if I can get this
setup to work.

1. Can I log into both domains? one is a child of the other. If not no big

2. I want all my workstations using the Active Directory server for
authentication, Ive set up all my workstations to use winbind and I can
login with some of the accounts. Is there a better way?

3. If I assign rights to a samba share through the active directory and
mount that share on a linux workstation will the rights take effect?

Any help is appreciated. Currently im running NIS and it is giving me too
many problems.

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