[Samba] samba configuration multiple ethernet card

Stefan Bergner Stefan.Bergner at ise-informatik.de
Mon Mar 1 19:52:23 GMT 2004


I want to size a samba-server.

the samba server will become 4 ethernet cards.
The samba-server serves his shares to only ONE subnet.

subnet : 192.168.0.x

so, i would configure Linux like that:

eth0 ->
eth1 ->
eth2 ->
eth3 ->

Is it possible to configure samba, to use for some
shares the first card, for other shares the second,
and so on ... ????

Like this

[FOR_ALL] - Share -> The Network-Traffic is running over eth0
[ADMINS] - Share  -> The Network-Traffic is running over eth1

Is there a possibity? Maybe with Virtual Servers? 

Greeting and Thx


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