[Samba] OT - What are these crazy messages?

Joe Cipale joec at aracnet.com
Mon Mar 1 16:21:55 GMT 2004

Eric Geater 1/27/03 wrote:
> I'm just dying to know what the origin of these messages with the txt
> attachments is.  I get quite a few here, and even some in other mailing
> lists.  But they're all unique; the attachment filename starts with ATT
> (followed by four or five digits), and are 192 bytes long.  The senders
> are often different.
> Anyone got a bead on this?
> Eric
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Someone has a virus that is spamming their address book. SInce the samba
newslist is in thier address book, the samba list is getting crap. This
has been going on for sometime now, sadly.

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