[Samba] WinXP PDC logon problem...

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Mon Mar 1 05:46:49 GMT 2004

 There  was a registry file distributed with Samba before. This is the
 one I have from Samba 2.x:



Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




> Hi all,

> I've seen this raised as an issue on other mailing
> lists, but I've not seen a solution, and I've seen a
> number of notes to post to this alias instead, so
> here I am.

> I've setup Samba as a PDC running on Solaris. I have
> a WinXP (latest patch levels) PC which I want to
> join to the domain. I can successfully join the
> domain using root authentication, but I am unable to
> logon with any of my NIS users (stored in both
> /etc/passwd and smbpasswd)...?

> I've seen a comment to edit a Windows registry
> setting (requiresignorseal) and I tried this, but
> nothing changed.

> Is there a solution to this issue, or will I be
> fored back to the hell of an Active Directory/WinNT
> PDC?  :(

> Cheers,
> Ryan

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