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Alex Satrapa alex.satrapa at anu.edu.au
Wed Jun 30 23:15:02 GMT 2004

On 30 Jun 2004, at 18:24, Dylan van Loenhout wrote:

> I want to subscribe myself to the mailing list.

Send a message with the Subject set to "subscribe" to 
samba-request at lists.samba.org
This link might work: 
mailto:samba-request at lists.samba.org?subject=subscribe

> I already connected it to a Windows2000 Domain. But Now when users 
> login they have to acces their own user folders. Without having to 
> login again. So that they login on windows they can acces it 
> directley.

Do you mean you want to have the users' home directories mapped to 
something like H: when they log in?

Check the "logon drive" and "logon home" parameters in the smb.conf man 
page (man 5 smb.conf), in conjunction with a script specified by the 
"logon script" parameter.

    logon home = \\%N\%U  ; the default anyway
    logon script = LOGON.BAT

with a script in the netlogon directory (see the [netlogon] section in 
the sample configuration file) called LOGON.BAT that contains:

net use h: /home

This is documented in the smb.conf man page, though there's no recipe 
for setting up home directories in that documentation :)

Alex Satrapa
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