[Samba] Samba print spool problem

Megan E Fender fender at us.ibm.com
Wed Jun 30 19:17:48 GMT 2004

I am testing Samba as a front-end to my AIX print server.
In my testing I have discovered that if a user sends a print job that
exceeds the available spool space.
The spool space is the path specified in printers section, in my case
Samba just stops once the file space is filled; neither notifying the user,
nor removing the partially spooled offending file.

Ex)  A client prints a 2000 MB file to Samba shared print queue, but
/var/spool/samba only has 1000 MB free.
Samba will accept the job,  filling up /var/spool/samba until no file space
With no error message, the client's box appears to have sent the print job
successfully.  No file remains on the Windows/Client machine.
Samba leaves the smbprn* file in /var/spool/samba, /var/spool/samba remains
at 100% used.

I tried to eleviate this problem with the "min print space" directive, but
it appears that Samba only checks this before accepting the print job.

Has anyone else ran into this and have a work around?  Am I missing
something obvious?

Megan Fender
fender at us.ibm.com

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