[Samba] Smb PDC cracks with ldap, without ok

Miguel Casas-Sánchez m.casas at falk-meddv.de
Wed Jun 30 14:37:47 GMT 2004

Hi everybody

I have a puzzling situation, I am trying to set up a PDC domain 
controller, Suse 9.1 with Samba 3.0.4 (ok, suse comes with 3.0.2 but I 
have tried almost everything XD ), autenticating against ldap 2.2.6 
(original suse); also with the smbldap-tools.

The situation is, everything works fine without ldap, that is, smbpasswd 
backend, I did create the directories for profiles and I got away with 
it, roaming and so on. The thing is when I connect ldap, ldapsamb 
backend, the first logon process for machines goes ok, but when trying 
to log into the domain as a user, the computer hangs up or does a reset. 
Watching the slapd messages, the authentication is correct, so it seems 
like a problem when trying to download the profile. It seems quite a 
trivial matter but a little bit annoying.

I'm going a long way with this problem, so anybody mind to help me?  
thanks in advance.

Miguel Casas-Sánchez
FDMV Lübeck

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