[Samba] Logon script problem

Jason Lieurance jason at vipersystems.biz
Wed Jun 30 13:57:50 GMT 2004


I'm running samba 3.02 on freebsd 4.7. Client systems are WinXP Pro Srv Pk 1.

Anyway, the logon script has issues, I added a pause statement to view it.

It says:

There are open files and/or incomplete directory searches pending on the
connection to Z:

The command completed successfully.

The current directory is invalid.


Where did Z: come from??? I never modified any path statements in the environment
varibles on the XP systems. I figured it was because the novell client was
installed at one time on a few systems and it had to do with that but it does the
same thing on a system with fresh install of WinXP PRO.

The weird thing is that with the novell client on one of the systems, if you check
workstation only and login with your domain UN & PW, it logs with the login script
just fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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