[Samba] samba 3.0.4 : impossible to log in the domain after a few minutes ????

HM mercier at msi.unilim.fr
Wed Jun 30 09:21:31 GMT 2004

Hello :)

My current installation is a test install, so don't worry about user 
profiles. Furthermore, i use roaming profiles, so no need to create 
accounts on machines.

I join the stations to the domain, and try to log a test user. I i log 
in in the 5 minutes following the reboot, it works, and i can work 
without problem. But if the station remains unused for a few minutes 
(nearly 10), when i try to log in onto the domain, it fails. I must 
reboot the w2k client to be able to log in again !

Very strange isn't it ?

Tomás Polák a écrit :

>Hello again,
>I am little bit confused with your situation. We are using Samba
>as PDC, but joining some W2K station to the domain implies for
>us creating appropriate user profile on station which is represented
>by domain\user string instead of before machinename\user string.
>This is new profile on the machine and need to be old user profile
>was copied into this new one to keep Desktop and Outlook Express
>emails and other things of user-specific settings available to user.
>I am confused because you wrotte, that you can login into domain
>from W2K client using any of the accounts on the server. For me this
>implies, that you have created domain profiles for each user on each
>And I cannot imagine, that you have do that.
>For profiles on machine see This computer - Properties - User profiles.
>Also for us seems to be better to change default profile type from roaming
>to local to prevent profile copying between server and client. But
>our users have each its own station, so this is useful.
>Next make debug trace of one of stations and go to deep log level.
>You must discover in more detail, what is the real reason of logout
>from domain.
>Let me know about your current discoveries.
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>minutes ????
>>I'm back (twice ^^).
>>After solving my problem about joining the domain, i now meet another
>>strange (very strange !) issue : after joining the domain, my w2k client
>>reboots, and i log in using any of the accounts on the server. But after
>>10/15 minutes, it refuses logins !!
>>If i reboot the client, I can login successfully again for a few
>>minutes... And so on... Strange, strange, strange... I manage nearly 50
>>clients with samba since 4 years, and never had such a strange issue.
>>Any idea ?
>>Thanks in advance !
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