[Samba] Re: want to ban XP Home Edition

Malcolm Baldridge google at paypc.com
Wed Jun 30 01:56:39 GMT 2004

> That's an interesting way to go and I think it *would* work but my
> original question was if it is possible for *samba* to distinguish OS
> releases and allow/disallow computers then. Or rather I'm sure it is
> possible to distuingish them but I just don't know if such config was
> ever implemented.

Sounds like an excellent excuse to fire up the smb-aware tcpdump tool and
look at the initial exchanges between client and server.  I would doubt
there's an smb.conf option to let you control this, however with the source
at your disposal, you can make a patch easily enough.

Is your main goal to avoid "weak" operating systems like XP Home, or are you
targetting specific users with this requirement?

It's a bit unusual.


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