[Samba] The '!' in the path names causes unpredictable results with directory listings

Marko Djukic djukic at gmail.com
Tue Jun 29 21:26:14 GMT 2004

I filed this as a bug, but wanted to post this to the ng to check if
anyone has ever seen this. I'm using samba 3.0.4.

This is a somewhat weird situation, so please bear with me through the

The following path:
"C:\! 01 Carte Geografiche\carte\"

When read with smbclient the windows share will only show 160 files in the
folder. When read on the windows machine it actually has 364.

When files from this path are copied over from the windows machine to the samba
shared directory (whether by windows copy or with cp from the smbmount to the
samba directory), only 339 files end up copied. When the windows machine then
looks at the files in the samba share only 105 files are shown.

If however I do a diff several times between the smbmount of the windows share
and the 339 files copied, I keep getting slightly different results. More and
more files keep getting reported as missing in the smbmount of the windows
share, whereas looking at the share on windows they are still there.

When I got rid of "! " at the start of the path, so that it was called "01 Carte
Geografiche" windows finally saw all 339 files in the samba share. Likewise,
getting rid of the "! " on the windows machine I could finally copy all 364
files without problems.

I'm not sure if it is just the "!" that is causing the problems. The "carte"
directory contains a lot of it_IT and de_DE locale filenames. And some filenames
are somewhat ridiculous (100-120 characters, lots of ,_-~! symbols and accents).

Anyone have any ideas?


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