[Samba] smbpasswd !!?!

Robert Adkins radkins at impelind.com
Tue Jun 29 19:06:22 GMT 2004

Alexander Varga wrote:

>...and yes. It is realy a big trouble with lot of users.  I tryed ldap, but hence my LDAP server is an Novel eDirectory, I  am not realy familiar with it and couldn't find any advice on google to configurte it right(the problem I have is to use the right filters while searchyng the LDAP accounts and rights). 
>I read about winbind. ... would it be a solution for me, or better try it once again with LDAP?
>I need also do manage access to directoryes with restrictions. maybe pam could do that. 
>... some suggestions?
      Unless I am mistaken, PAM is the combination passwd/group file 
with a seperate smbpasswd file. From what you are saying, that's not 
what you want.

      LDAP is what I would focus on and only because you seem to already 
have a working LDAP installation running.. If you are still in your 
early stages with this server (If it is a Linux Server)  you could give 
it a reinstall, I know that during the (Expert) installation process of 
several different distributions you are asked what kind of 
authentication model you wish to use, I know that LDAP is one of the 
choices and it might be easier to configure that during the install then 
after the initial install of the OS. Believe me when I say this, I am 
totally lost when it comes to LDAP Authentication.and the above is just 
a guess.

    I am very far from an expert here, I am also not very familar with 

    I am mearly okay with a few areas of setting up Samba, nothing more.

    Good luck!

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