[Samba] samba3 PDC with windows sbs 2003

Shaun Feeley shaun.feeley at cytopia.com.au
Tue Jun 29 01:39:15 GMT 2004

hi guys,

I have a domain network running smoothly using samba3 as a PDC with
about 25 client machines both linux and different verisons of windows.

I have another domain using a NT server that serves a lab area.  This is
being replaced with a win sbs 2003 server.  i have to stay with windows
due to dependancies of alot of the software run in the lab.  

I really wanted to get rid of the 2 domains and just have 2 subnets on
the one main domain with the existing samba3 PDC.

My question is can win 2003 sbs live on a network and not be the PDC?
Do you think it would be better to keep two separate domains and create
a trust relationship between the two for authentication purposes?

thanks for any help


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