[Samba] Re: specified network name is no longer available

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Mon Jun 28 23:00:01 GMT 2004

That was a weird phenomenon!
It looked so as if samba process dies before
it can reply to an "NT Create AndX" request 
except there was no corpse anywhere. Volker 
wouldn't believe me I've sent him all the logs 
that were there. He was looking for a core dump.

A "reboot tut gut" as the Germans say.
After a new start the problem disappeared.
Probably a bad case of stale cache. 
The nsc daemon perhaps?

I'm not sure this recipee solves all such
problems. Probably not. But the point seems
to be that either there is an internal
problem (samba panic) or a bug is eating
up your network packets.


> Jordan Coleman, Murray Taylor, David Kennel, 
> Frederic Corne and Stephen Jones all wrote
> about the problem of a specified network 
> intermittently reported "no longer available"
> when writing to a file.
> It's the same problem which I complained
> about on April 7. I then assumed it had to
> do with the presence of a w2k3 server in
> the domain. The problem disappeared after
> I removed the w2k3 and cleaned up the TDB's.
> On May 2 Jerry (Carter) said that Volker
> (Lendecke) fixed that problem in 3.0.3.
> For many different reasons I've delayed
> updating Samba until now (since the problem
> seemed to disappear as I said). I've installed
> Samba 3.0.4-SerNet-SuSE yesterday and have
> that problem again. It affects only a share
> on a member server (same hardware/software
> as the PDC). Storing or copying a file into
> a dir on that server causes the error
> "Specified network name no longer available"
> although one sees that a 0-length file has
> been created. Trying to delete that file
> brings the same message, but the file is
> actually deleted.
> Again I've run many debug sessions but there
> simply isn't anything there which would 
> indicate that something is wrong.
> The problem is really critical because the
> said member server is part of a production
> environment.

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