[Samba] last chance...joining XP to samba+ldap domain

abebe lsslp peaceofcrap2001 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 28 18:57:17 GMT 2004

I have tried all I can and spent days trying XP to
join my domain. I have finally come to a dead end: I
don't see any logs in nmbd.log, smbd.log,
<xpclient>.log or messages. Everything seems to work

the only exception to what I said in the last
paragraph is  the following message in nmbd.log file
as I try to join the domain.  

[2004/06/28 01:17:56, 1]
  process_logon_packet: Logon from code
= 0x

I can Join XP to the domain using tdbsam backend. So I
don' think my xp configuration have any problem. What
do you think I should do. Give me any kind of opinions
and constructive ideas how I can fix this....Please!

If I can't figure this out by today, I am planning on
starting from scratch tommorow. 


PS; I will even take tips where I could take extra
care while configuring samba+ldap

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