[Samba] Locking Problems

David Nash nashd at macandmac.co.uk
Mon Jun 28 16:46:46 GMT 2004



In addition to printing problems, we seem to have problems with locking.
We have a few shares that hold MS Access databases for PC client
applications.  We set these up using 'oplocks = no' and also tried
'strict locking = yes'.  However, when loading the database on one PC,
we got application errors saying that other users were using the system.
We set 'oplocks = yes' and were able to run the applications.  However,
the users had application errors mid way through the day (corrupted
database) and we had to restore from a safe copy.  We spoke with the
application provider, and they've sent us a file called 'oplock.knn'
that they advised us to run on all Windows XP clients to stop this sort
of corruption.  The only thing is, they were unable to tell me what
modifications it makes to the registry.


Basically, I'd like to know what Samba settings to use (in the [global]
and share parts) to have secure and corruption-free multi-user access to
files and databases.  Or is there no easy answer?





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