[Samba] samba 3.0.4 : impossible to log in the domain after a few minutes ????

HM mercier at msi.unilim.fr
Mon Jun 28 15:46:33 GMT 2004

I'm back (twice ^^).

After solving my problem about joining the domain, i now meet another 
strange (very strange !) issue : after joining the domain, my w2k client 
reboots, and i log in using any of the accounts on the server. But after 
10/15 minutes, it refuses logins !!
If i reboot the client, I can login successfully again for a few 
minutes... And so on... Strange, strange, strange... I manage nearly 50 
clients with samba since 4 years, and never had such a strange issue. 
Any idea ?

Thanks in advance !



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