[Samba] XP-client logs in, but does not load profile from server and only uses a local one.

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Mon Jun 28 15:05:54 GMT 2004

On Mon, 28 Jun 2004 16:32:11 +0200 (CEST), Peter Ulrich Kruppa  
<kruppa at pukruppa.net> wrote:

> In fact setting up the profiles is the biggest problem with samba. Here  
> are some things you might check:

Ich weiss. ;) Alpträume...
I know. ;) Nightmares..

> 1) You have distinguish the share name in [...] from the the unix
>     path. So if your service is called \\%L\Profiles\%u\ in
>     [global] section, then you need to have a section [Profiles]
>     with the correct UNIX path, p.ex. /usr/local/profiles .
>     Small typos like /usr/local/Profiles or [profile] will make it
>     unavailable.

Das war das erste was ich ausprobierte. ;)
This was the first thing i checked. ;)

>     By the way: I use a capital %U and no slash at the end. I
>                 don't know if that makes a difference.

Keine ahnung... ;)
No idea... ;)

> 2) The user profile directory has to exist before the first
>     login. XP can fill up the user profile directory but not
>     create one. You can create the directories manually or in case
>     you need very many profiles, there exist simple scripts which
>     create them for you.

Wo finde ich denn die scripte? Ich sagte ja schon dass das profil mit XP  
hochladen konnte.
Where do i find those scripts? As i said XP could fill up the directory. I  
loaded the profile to the server with XP.

> 3) The user needs to own his profile and he needs full
>     permissions on it. See your system's manuals about chown and
>     chmod .

Ich hatte mich schon mal mit dem lokalen admin eingeloggt und dann auf das  
share zugegriffen. Dabei hab ich mich da als der user (=%u) eingeloggt und  
konnte problemlos lesen und schreiben. Deswegen hab ich erst angefangen  
mich so zu wundern.
I logged in as the local admin to the client and accessed the share as the  
user (=%u). Then i could read and write to it without any problems. That's  
why i started wondering...

> These were my ideas: I hope one of them helps.

Leider nicht... Ist wohl was komplizierter...
Sadly not... It seems to be somewhat more complicated...

Danke trotztem erstmal...

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