[Samba] Betr.: missing /etc/inetd.conf file in RH9

Wouter Rusman Wouter at wannit.nl
Mon Jun 28 13:53:50 GMT 2004

Hello Kevin,

As i remember inetd was replaced by Xinetd in Redhat 8.x and later
( /etc/xinetd/ )


>>> Kevin H. Phillips<kh-phillips at 9-5usa.org> 27-6-2004 22:46:47 >>>
I have a RedHat 9.0 machine and just updated to samba-3.0.5pre1.  I had 
been running Samba to network two Windoze computers and using a network 
printer.  Two weeks ago my house was apparently hit by lightning which 
created havoc with my computer/server.  I got it going again but have 
noticed several lingering problems.  For one thing, I can't print from 
it.  I was going to check things out and when I tried to start swat (by 
typing http://localhost:901/) I got a message that the connection was 
refused.  I started trying to determine what the problem could be by 
reading the FAQs, etc., and in looking at my system noticed that I no 
longer have a /etc/inetd.conf file!  Can anyone tell me where to find a 
sample file or could somebody send me one of theirs???

Thanks for any help.  You may e-mail me directly if you wish.

Kevin Phillips

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