[Samba] XP-client logs in, but does not load profile from server and only uses a local one.

Navid Zamani nzamani at web.de
Mon Jun 28 13:54:14 GMT 2004

Hi to all,

i'm new to the mailing list, because i already searched the whole list and  
google fot this, but i could not find anything:

I have set up a cute Samba 3 PDC as described here:

In fact the setup is nearly exactly the same. (I've just added one more  

Then i used a XP client to load a local profile to \\%L\Profiles\%u\ like  
described in the howtos (forgot where it was) and logged in with that new  
user in the domain.

Now the problem: Instead of loading the roaming profile xp created a new  
local profile and used this one.
But under My Computer -> User Profiles xp tells me that is's server-saved  
but local.

I have set "profile acls" to "Yes" and already tried to give eeryone foul  
access to that directory/share, but nothing changed.

Ther is no entry in the logs (log.smbd, log.nmbd, log.winbindd) and the  
creaded profile stays on the client, meaning that it's not a temporary  

I'm at my wits' end, because i've never set up an original m$-server! :(

Thanks in advance!

Navid Zamani

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