[Samba] Betr.: Samba issue with Windows XP

Wouter Rusman Wouter at wannit.nl
Mon Jun 28 13:47:01 GMT 2004

Hello Oleg,

I have the same problem when not using samba as a PDC but as a "stand-alone" server

It seems to be in windows 2k/xp...
The workstation verifies (before accessing the server) if there need to be any services started to access the server 

This same problem exists on novell netware networks,
and there are registry keys to solve this problem

>>> Oleg<olegarr at mail.ru> 24-6-2004 18:09:44 >>>
Hello everybody:

We have a problem with Samba and Windows XP/2000 and hope that somebody will help me.

We have the network with Windows 98, Linux Red Hat 8.0 and Windows XP/2000. On windows machines works a program that generates and copies some files to Samba File server (Samba  2.2.5 on Linux RedHat 8.0). On Windows 98 everything works just fine; however machines with Windows XP sometimes  unable to write  to Samba machine, after some time (30-45 seconds) everything fine. 
The program that we running on XP the same as on Windows 98, but again only Windows XP has a problem.

Can somebody please help us to resolve this issue?

Best regards,

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