[Samba] Your message with a .ZIP attachment has been blocked.

mailmarshal at documentsolutions.com mailmarshal at documentsolutions.com
Mon Jun 28 05:48:26 GMT 2004

Due to issues with Viruses ZIP files are considered suspect 
by BISYS.  Because of this, the following message has been 

   Message: B0000cae7e.00000001.mml
   From:    samba at samba.org
   To:      wmonk at documentsolutions.com
   Subject: hi

If you believe the message was business related please contact 
mailmarshal at documentsolutions.com and request that the message be released to 
its intended recipient.  If no contact is made within 5 days 
the message will automatically be deleted.

MailMarshal Rule: Inbound Messages : Block Zip Files

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