[Samba] Re: Accessing file on XP box from Linux box

Nik Trevallyn-Jones nik at designer.com.au
Mon Jun 28 02:29:12 GMT 2004

I have never used smbmount, but I regularly mount SMB shares on linux.

Something like : mount //company-name/share-name   /mnt/win -t smbfs

works for me. If you're trying to mount an entire drive, make sure it has a 
publically visible share. Most of my shares are top-level folders on drives. 
Significant options I find useful are:

ip  -  This allows me to specify the ip address of the machine, in case the 
name I use isn't known through to my linux box through DNS

username  -  specify the user name

password  - sepcify the password

So, a typical command looks like:

mount //company-name/share-name /mnt.win -t smbfs -o ip=x.y.z.w,username=abc

> Like many, I'm trying to make the move from Windows to Linux.
> Unfortunately, I'm not the only one who works at my company. The primary
> file server is a Windows XP Pro machine. There is a share on this
> machine that I must connnect to.
> As a first step, I'm trying to connect to this shared directory from my
> new Linux workstation. 

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