[Samba] accessing files on XP box from Linux Box

John Almberg jalmberg at identry.com
Sat Jun 26 19:57:03 GMT 2004

Like many, I'm trying to make the move from Windows to Linux.
Unfortunately, I'm not the only one who works at my company. The primary
file server is a Windows XP Pro machine. There is a share on this
machine that I must connnect to.

As a first step, I'm trying to connect to this shared directory from my
new Linux workstation. 

After many hours of combing through documentation and web pages, I
believe I need to use smbmount, however, I can't seem to get this to

What I think should work is:

smbmount //company-name/e /mnt/win

where 'company-name' is the full name of the server, and the share is
mapped to drive 'E:'

however, this results in the following error message:

4842: Connection to company-name failed
SMB connection failed

I've also tried variations on this theme, adding username, etc., but I
always get the same error, so I suspect I'm not even connecting to the

I'm sure that this is a common problem for people trying to make the
transition, so any help, much appreciated.

-- John

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