[Samba] SOLVED: Roaming profiles not updating XP

Ramy Szekely ramys at nessicom.com
Fri Jun 25 21:24:22 GMT 2004

Hi Mac,


I just wanted to say thanks!


No, I don't have Samba - I don't even know what it is - but I do have an
nVidia FX 5200 card.


I even went as far as reformatting my hard drive (it needed it anyway!), and
of course this PC still wouldn't save the profile (the other pc's in the
network did).


And then I hit upon your post on the web, downgraded the driver - and presto
- it works!


By the way, no mention of this nVidia on MSDN, nor of roaming profile
problems on nVidia's site.


Being brought up in Canada, I suppose I should switch to ATI !


Thanks again!


Ramy Szekely

Nahariya, Israel



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