[Samba] cupsaddsmb encounter with good info supplied (Plain text)

Mark Maas mark at menem.mine.nu
Fri Jun 25 19:13:56 GMT 2004

Tomás Polák wrote:

>>But when I issue the command "cupsaddsmb -U root -v PDF-Creator" I 
>>get a
>There can be a difference, what "root" password you are using.
>One root user with own password can exist in /etc/smbpasswd file
>and another in /etc/passwd as true UNIX root.
>Its a good security practice to keep those users have different passwords.
>For cupsaddsmb you must provide /etc/smbpasswd root password.
True, the /etc/passwd version is a different thing than the samba
account. I tried with the /etc/passwd version first and then when that
did not work I tried adding the root account to samba with 
"smbpasswd -a

So both accounts gave this error.

I'm still trying different things, but right now any help would be

Thanks again,

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