[Samba] Windows 2003 problem

Curt Shaffer curt at chilitech.net
Fri Jun 25 16:57:06 GMT 2004

I am fighting with this box to get it to mount a drive to a windows 2003
server domain controller. The Linux box is fedora core 1 with all of the
newest updates, samba version 3.0.3, which I downgraded from version 
in efforts to help and still nothing. I get 4374: session setup failed:
ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess (Access denied). I can telnet to all of the 
ports and I quadruple checked to make sure the UN and pass were 
correct. The
weirdest thing is if I try to mount like: smbmount //server/share
/mnt/windows -o username=user..it prompts me for the password which I 
ever so carefully and I get the error. However if I issue mount -t 
smbfs -o
username=user,password=password //server/share /mnt/windows it mounts. 
I can connect manually with the client and browse without an issue. But 
mounting does not work. Any help would be appreciated.


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