[Samba] Joining NT4 workstations to a Samba 3 Domain

Chris Hobbs chobbs at silvervalley.k12.ca.us
Fri Jun 25 15:18:49 GMT 2004

Chris Hobbs wrote:

> Should I submit this to bugzilla? I'd hate to do that until I've 
> exhausted my options on the mailing list.

Well this turned out to be an empty threat -- turns out the general
public can't submit bugs at bugzilla.samba.org :)

I know (from private e-mail and IRC) that I'm not the only one with this
issue. Is there anyone on the list that has NT4 clients working with a
Samba3+LDAP domain?

Thanks in advance for your help,

> Chris Hobbs wrote:
>> Linux: Fedora Core 2
>> Samba: 3.0.3
>> OpenLDAP: 2.1.29
>> I've noticed a couple of other messages in this month's archives that 
>> suggest they're having the same problem as I, but so far no 
>> resolution has been reported.
>> I've got a new Samba domain up and running with LDAP that allows me 
>> to join Win2K and XP clients, but not NT4 workstations. I've added 
>> the machine account with the command: smbldap-useradd -w MISTEST02
>> An ldapsearch confirms that the machine account has been created. On 
>> attmpting to join the domai nfrom the NT4 client I receive the 
>> following error message:
>> "The machine account for this computer either does not exist or is 
>> inaccessible."
>> Amazingly, the machine account has now disappeared from the LDAP 
>> directory, as confirmed by running  ldapsearch.
>> Trying to add the machine without first running smbldap-useradd 
>> (which works fine for the 2K and XP clients) gives me the same error.
>> I'll be happy to provide confs, debug logs and tcpdumps if those will 
>> be helpful - simply let me know what needs to be captured. Thanks in 
>> advance for your help.

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