[Samba] Linux group permissions change not reflected by Samba 3

Tomáš Polák Tomas.Polak at jaga.sk
Fri Jun 25 13:40:09 GMT 2004

I am running Samba 3.0 as PDC.
I am very satisfied with Samba.
When changing group ownership via Linux 
command line of any file, those changes
are not reflected by Samba, until smbd 
is restarted.
I have find, that probably group_mapping.tdb
is a place where Samba have cached those 
permissions mapping to Linux. This file is 
refreshed only when smbd is started.

But I need to control user rights via Linux
commands and need to have these rights
accepted when users are accessing via
Samba share.

Unfortunatelly I cannot restart Samba each time I change
permissions of some file, because this causes 
MS Access application crash, when have opened
files from Samba shares.

Is there any regular way how to tell smbd, that 
group permissions was changed?
I try signals, but was unsuccessful.
Maybe I am wrong in my smb.conf...?
(is attached to this post)

Thank you for any response or idea what to try...

Best regards,
Tomas Polak

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