[Samba] The semaphore timeout period has expired

Hamish captainmish at gmx.net
Fri Jun 25 12:19:15 GMT 2004

Hi Oleg
It was not a samba problem at all! I did 2 things: changed the network 
card from the onboard Asus P4P800 Delux Mobo to an intel 1000. I had 
used a patch to update the kernel for the boards onboard RAID (it was 
not a raid patch, it just allowed the 2 extra ide channels to be seen by 
linux) and I reverted back to my old kernel (2.6.5-10 from SuSE rpm)
I have made no changes to the e1000 driver from default and it works fine.
It was a strange problem because the windows box that the copy was 
initiated from would give the error (The semaphore timeout period has 
expired) and the linux box would then slow down and eventually hang. I 
could not get anything to work - ssh, telnet, even direct on the box - 
the only way to get out of the hang was the 'hard' way...

The intel card now seems to be working fine, but i think the old one 
would be ok as well, I think it was a buggy kernel due to the patch. I 
am now using the board without the extra IDE channels (ASUS "support 
linux" by giving a binary only driver for redhat 7.2 - bollox. The patch 
I found was made by someone with the same problem)

I know it is off list, sorry, but if you find a way to make those IDE 
channels work reliably, please let me know!


Aleksandrov, Oleg wrote:

>Hello Hamish.
>I found your message just googling for Suse and sk98lin.
>Did you solve your problem?
>I had the same case and only way to restore was to change NIS driver speed
>settings from AUTO to 10Mb. And it was not related to OS as the same problem
>is in WXP ( I have dual boot, ASUS P4P800, integrated GB NIS ).

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