[Samba] group policy (2000/XP)

Grégory TROUCHAUD gtd at makkinanews.com
Fri Jun 25 11:44:20 GMT 2004

Hello all,

I am a new user of samba, that's look pretty cool.
I use samba 3.x. There are only windows 2000 client(and 1 XP) in french 
language. I don't have any license of some server version like windows NT4 
server, 2000 or 2003 server.

One think i would like to do is setting the time of the windows 2000 client.

I write in the "logon script" : 
net time /domain:mydomain /set /yes

The problem is that the client doesn't have the permission to to set the time.
I found 2 solutions: 
	- the first is to set with the gpedit.msc application "Modify System Hour" 
key(That's the traduction key from french). I tried this, it work fine. The 
problem is that i have to do that manually on each computer that will log 
into the domain. 
	- the second, is to set a policy with the poledit executable from the NT 4 
server cd. But i don't have any windows server. I try using the poledit.exe 
from a win98 cd that i have. But the ntconfig.pol that it generates don't 
seem to be ok for the windows 2000 client. And i don't have the key that let 
an authentified user setting the hour. Is it possible to get some .adm file 
that corrects that?

Well, if u have some clues about that, let me know

That care


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