[Samba] Samba 3 and policy

TMI-Concept tmi-concept at wanadoo.fr
Fri Jun 25 10:49:46 GMT 2004

Ricardo Nuno a écrit :

>hello list,
>I'm doing some policys on my PDC and I was wondering is there a .ADM
>or a registry entry to enable the "Sharing" options on Domain users ?
>I just can't find anything on it, any help would be apreciated.
>-- RNuno

What kind of clients do you have ?
Win98se ? win2k? winXP ?

I know you can find several .ADM models to create .POL files on the 
win98se installation disk.

I'm not sure what kind options you are looking for. By the way, look for 
chapter 22 of the samba3 how-to.

hope it helps.


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