[Samba] Network with DHCP and Samba with LDAP backend

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Fri Jun 25 11:17:37 GMT 2004

It's been a while since I have addressed this problem, but here is another attempt.

We have a samba 3.0 server with ldap backend in security = user level.
We logon to the samba domain and in that sense everything is running fine, but only when I disable DHCP.
If I try to logon with DHCP, the windows client tells me that:

	The following error ocurred validating the name "IFS".
	This condition may be caused by a DNS lookup problem. 
	For information about troubleshooting common DNS lookup problems,
	please see the following Microsoft web site:
	The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted.

I ran tcpdump and see request for an Active Directory and a backup DC, but not for a normal PDC as my samba server.
As soon as I disable DHCP everything runs fine. Anybody have any answers yet?

Kind regards,

Bjorn Padding

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