[Samba] Special characters in the password

Carmen Wai carmen_wai at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 25 06:45:22 GMT 2004

Dear all:

I am using samba+openldap as the PDC, I use to
smbldap-tool like smbldap-useradd.pl,
smbldap-usermod.pl .. to work on the user account, and
I find it is not able to create user password with
special character single quote character (').... can
anyone able to solve this problem?

Also when a user login a Window NT/2000 machine
through my PDC, the user can't change password with
the password contain special character of single quote
('), double quote (") and a space. In the smb.conf
script, the password program is set to
./smbldap-passwd.pl and I think there is something
weired on it... is anyone has any idea on this and
solve this?

Thanks a lot!

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