[Samba] Is this possible? (syncing users between a system withsamba 3 on and a win2k3 server)

Mark Casey mark at zardoz.co.uk
Thu Jun 24 20:07:42 GMT 2004

Hi there,

Do you know of any good documentation or books that cover this?

As I said in a previous post I've not used Samba in a few years, so I'd feel
more comfortable on reading up a bit then doing some experimentation in a
test vmware network.



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it is possible, but you'll have to install some packages manualy by
compiling them for your own. these packages are kerberos and samba, as the
versions in most distros are to old to work correct as an ads-member in
win2k3-ADS. AFAIK you'll have to install MIT-kerberos 1.33 and, at the
moment, samba from svnall other versions do not work. Christoph

Mark Casey schrieb:

> Well, the gentoo mention was a joke. (the loving compile times remark)
> Are there any good books on the subject dealing with what I mentioned, 
> as I haven't used Samba for a few years. (probably pre 2.0)
> Anyway, if I do setup any *bsd or linux servers they will be dedicated 
> to the task and will not have any additional programs installed.
> I would most likely leave the win2k3 server as the PDC, I have heard 
> of some issues in the past dealing with Samba and it being a PDC. The 
> situation is that I want to apply the practice of least change, I 
> don't want to (or feel the network needs to) have a new domain 
> controller.. Having all machines join the new domain etc.
> So, SBS won't allow a BDC?  (suppose I'll have to go and buy it then 
> do some tests in vmware)
> What're saying is that it isn't possible currently with Samba 3 to 
> replicate users from win 2k3? (without some manual work, is it 
> possible at all to script any of it?)
> Thanks
> Mark

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