[Samba] Samba issue with Windows XP

Oleg olegarr at mail.ru
Thu Jun 24 16:09:44 GMT 2004

Hello everybody:

We have a problem with Samba and Windows XP/2000 and hope that somebody will help me.

We have the network with Windows 98, Linux Red Hat 8.0 and Windows XP/2000. On windows machines works a program that generates and copies some files to Samba File server (Samba  2.2.5 on Linux RedHat 8.0). On Windows 98 everything works just fine; however machines with Windows XP sometimes  unable to write  to Samba machine, after some time (30-45 seconds) everything fine. 
The program that we running on XP the same as on Windows 98, but again only Windows XP has a problem.

Can somebody please help us to resolve this issue?

Best regards,

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