[Samba] Group Policy

Ashley Burt burtash at auburn.edu
Thu Jun 24 15:56:14 GMT 2004

I hope I don't get a ton of flames for this but I am wondering if anyone
knows a way to migrate a samba 3 controlled domain to an Windows based
Active Directory domain.  Let me explain why.

I want to continue to use samba as my file and print servers but I
really need the ability to use Group Policies.  As far as I know there
is no way to do this without ADS.  I would like to have a Windows 2003
ADS server with Samba 3 file and print servers.

The hard part is that I don't want to rejoin all my machines (~700) and
I want all my users and passwords preserved (~1,300).  Any help or ideas
would be appreciated.

Oh ya, down with Microsoft, hail Samba. :-)  

Ashley F. Burt
Network Administrator
Veterinary Medicine Computer Group
burtash at auburn.edu

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