[Samba] Re: access to subdirs of share only

Ralf Soergel soergel at swl-online.de
Thu Jun 24 06:54:11 GMT 2004

At 21:42 17.06.2004, you wrote:
>I've upgraded from 2.2.8a-SuSE PDC to 3.04-SuSE. OS is Linux 2.6, SuSE 9.1 
>All users can logon correctly on all W2K domain clients and obtain their 
>roaming profiles. Now particular W2K SP 4 domain client cannot access to 
>the top-level of a share, WinExplorer says "Access denied". If the client 
>connects to a subdir of the same share as a new drive all works fine, same 
>credentials of course. The user is a "Domain Admin". Another user of 
>"Domain Users" can work properly on this client.
>On another W2K domain client both the "Domain Admin" and the "Domain 
>Users" can work properly on the the top-level of share as well as on a 
>separate connected subdir of the share.

Problem was limited to "local Admin" and "Domain Admin" users. Problem 
solved by upgrading to version *-3.0.4-1.21.i586.rpm, downloaded from SuSE 
with file date Jun 23th.

Greetings Ralf


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