[Samba] samba3 pdc+ldap logon problem!

David Caplan david at david.ath.cx
Wed Jun 23 21:00:43 GMT 2004


I can now successfuly add w2k computers to the samba domain, however
when I reboot to log in, I am not able to. I get the error "The system
could not log you on...". I havent found anything at all in the logs
about why this is happening. Could it be related to a dns resolution
error? I only have the pdc registered in a local LMHOSTS file on the w2k
box. I have wins enabled on the PDC also, and it seems to be working...

Any ideas?

- David

David Caplan <david at david.ath.cx>
Key fingerprint: AADC 53B6 D5FB 31FE E191  4E9A 8D5D 2952 9358  

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